Who Am I? 
     My name is Olivia Doland, and I am currently a junior at The Ohio State University majoring in Industrial Design with a minor in Art History. I’m from a small suburb outside of Cleveland, Ohio. I would describe myself as an artist, leader, humanitarian, and curious individual with a passion for design and its endless possibilities.  
What Design Means to Me 
     To me, design is everywhere and in everything. It is all about brainstorming and creating new ways to make products and processes better for people in the world around us. Design is about solving problems; great designers empathize with people to figure out what the problem is at hand and then they follow a distinct process to reach the best possible solution. I believe that “good” design is sustainable, intentional, and thoughtful as it helps to make improve people's lives and combat societal issues. I often feel that designers don’t get enough credit for how much they have advanced our world, but I think this is because so many people do not realize how common design is. It is everything physical, from the chair you sit on, to the phone you talk on, the shoes you wear, and the car you drive. In addition, it goes beyond physicality, with the unseen research, emotion, ideating, and visualization that unfolds during the design process. Altogether, I believe utilizing design (and the design process) is the true way to unlock your imagination and make the impossible possible.  
As an upcoming Industrial Designer, I hope to empathize and collaborate with people, along with completing the necessary research & explorations to create products and processes that will promote social good in our world!
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